The Tale of Suicide Mouse

A 1994 Ford Ranger got towed in for a crank, no start symptom.  It had a few problems compounding one another, one being a bad battery and corroded cables, but the primary issue was a lack of spark.  After tracing the systems — verifying power at the ignition coils, checking wiring, etc. — we discovered a dead mouse wrapped around the crank sensor, which had destroyed the sensor’s functionality and kept the vehicle from starting.

Frequently in this area, we encounter vehicle issues caused by vermin, because of the rural surroundings and the fact that small animals will often crawl up into an engine bay for the warmth and security from flying predators.  When we saw this poor fried little mouse wrapped around the crank sensor, someone made the comment that it had crawled up in there and committed suicide on the sensor intentionally.  Obviously this was not the case but it gave a bit of comic relief to the situation.  Poor little guy.