The Sound of Seven Hundred Dollars

In the mid-70’s, back at Lyons Auto Repair in Cyprus, CA, a 1967 Ford came into the shop; the customer was complaining of a ticking-type noise in the air vents. Frank Lyons goes out to the car and reaches up under the dash, feeling around, thinking that possibly leaves had gotten into the vents and ducts and was causing the noise whenever the air was turned on. He feels something, grasps it, and pulls back his hand, just to discover a wad of cash. Both he and the customer were surprised, so Frank reaches again, and again comes back with a handful of bills. For nearly an hour, Frank continues to poke around in the dash, continually handing the customer bill after bill that gets recovered from the vents. The customer counted the cash as it was handed to him, and all told, it amounted to about $700! It was assumed that the customer’s children had stuffed the money into the vents over time just for the fun of it.

The customer didn’t even offer Frank a dime for his time and trouble, but hurriedly pocketed the cash and drove away.