Category: Garage Tales

Diagnostic stories that are funny or bizarre.

Fuzzy Logic

We had a 2007 BMW 328 series car come in for a problem with the right rear window being stuck in the down position after a loud snapping noise occurred while lowering the window.  We disassembled the door and found the window motor itself was good but the regulator had failed.  The part was ordered […]

Nearly Free Parking

This story was told to us by an instructor at an automotive update course a few years ago.  It’s a true story and quite entertaining so we thought we’d share it with you.   A man in New York goes into an auto repair shop for an oil change on his car.  He drops it […]

The Tale of Suicide Mouse

A 1994 Ford Ranger got towed in for a crank, no start symptom.  It had a few problems compounding one another, one being a bad battery and corroded cables, but the primary issue was a lack of spark.  After tracing the systems — verifying power at the ignition coils, checking wiring, etc. — we discovered […]

Why Changing Oil Is Cheap Insurance

A 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee got towed in one day with no oil pressure. Of course everyone’s first assumption was a faulty oil pump. After inspecting the vehicle, however, we began to realize it was more involved than just a faulty part, so we started dismantling the upper part of the engine. As you can […]

The $2000 Penny

A 1999 Ford F250 4WD 6.8 LTR came into the shop with a complaint of no tail light function, no dome light function, and then no dash light function. In the beginning of the diagnostic process, we found indications of numerous system failures and codes. Tracing the systems led to the discovery of a defective […]

How Times Have Changed

A few years ago, before Frank passed away, he made his annual trip down from his home in Canada (why all the Jamaicans ended up in Canada, we still can’t figure out!) to visit Geoff and the girls. While he was here, he spent some time hanging out around the shop, following the guys around […]

The Sound of Seven Hundred Dollars

In the mid-70’s, back at Lyons Auto Repair in Cyprus, CA, a 1967 Ford came into the shop; the customer was complaining of a ticking-type noise in the air vents. Frank Lyons goes out to the car and reaches up under the dash, feeling around, thinking that possibly leaves had gotten into the vents and […]